Opening hours

Open from 10 am to 6 pm during the April to June and September to November periods

From 9 am to 20h00 pm in July and August, departures are strongly recommended in the morning for the summer period (you will thus avoid heat and strong attendance).

Allow 3 to 4 hours on site


Monkey’s Forest is the only high-altitude acrobatic park of the Sarladais equipped on all the routes of the system "Continuing Lifeline" and accredited national education for intraschool outings.

A hook is inserted on the cable without NEVER that it cannot be stalled. The safety hook slides along the cable throughout your progression on the routes for 100% safety.


Adults like children, you will all be equipped with a shoulder harness fitted with a continuous lifeline hook for 100% safety. We also provide a pulley for the various zip lines in the park. Chills and sensations guaranteed!

Think about bringing basket and a suitable outfit to grow in trees.


After being equipped, you will watch a video briefing on our safety rules and our operators will ensure their understanding on an initiation course that you will perform.

Then you will leave independently on our routes for memorable adventures safely and under the supervision of our entire team.

Finding us

For more information on how to get to us click HERE.